From traditional to contemporary, find a range of bricks for your project.

Nothing quite matches the enduring charm and versatility of clay facing bricks. From a classic, rustic aesthetic to sleek, modern designs that stand out in the built environment, Wienerberger has the perfect brick to bring your vision to life.

Wienerberger clay facing bricks empower you to create captivating facades that leave a lasting impression, whether you're designing a residential home, commercial building, or public space. Explore the endless possibilities of texture, colour, and shape with our comprehensive selection of bricks.

Wienerberger is the world’s largest producer of bricks, offering a comprehensive range of standard UK format bricks in a standard 65mm size. Whatever your budget, constraints and objectives, our market-leading portfolio of bricks will help you turn your concept into reality.

At Wienerberger we passionately believe in the benefits of building with clay. For us, it is the ideal raw material for long lasting, low impact construction projects. At the forefront of our industry for over 5,000 years, the advantages of clay are many and varied, covering every aspect of modern building.

Building with clay bricks offers incredible versatility and durability, as well as visual appeal. At Wienerberger, we’re proud to offer the widest range of bricks available in the UK. With hundreds of different colours, textures, styles and shapes to choose from, we're confident that you'll find the right brick for your project.

Our range includes standard UK format and long format bricks, with a wide choice of textures and colours to create the perfect look and feel. Add some colour to your design with glazed bricks, create something unique with special shaped bricks, or see how a traditional brick aesthetic can be achieved with brick slips.

There are several types of bricks made in different ways, each with differing characteristics

Stock (also known as soft mud) Created using an automated process where the clay is placed into moulds by a machine. Stock bricks tend to have softer, more varied edges. Like handmade bricks, stock bricks also often have a frog.

Wirecut (also known as extruded) Produced by extruding a column of clay through a brick shaped die and then cutting the column into individual bricks using a wire. Wirecut bricks tend to have very precise edges and have perforations through the bricks. The perforation pattern can be in many different forms depending on where the bricks are manufactured. They can also be produced as solid bricks.

Waterstruck Made using a similar process to stock bricks but the bricks are released from the moulds using water. This process, along with a wetter clay mix, gives waterstruck bricks a distinctive texture. They are often solid bricks although some waterstruck bricks do have frogs.

Engineering bricks Made using the same process as wirecut bricks. Engineering bricks are selected for their enhanced technical performance rather than their appearance. Engineering bricks have high compressive strength and low water absorption properties. They can be either perforated or solid and tend to be either smooth red or smooth blue.

Another key consideration for determining the overall appearance of your building is the colour of mortar you use. Mortar actually accounts for 15 - 17% of the visible brickwork (dependant on bond pattern) and the colour chosen can change the look of your wall considerably.

All our facing bricks are manufactured in accordance with the European Standard for clay masonry units BS EN 771-1.

Specialist design, technical expertise. Wienerberger’s Design Services Department offers specialist design and technical expertise, providing effective and helpful advice to achieve successful brickwork. The services offered range from guidance on the most appropriate product selection for particular projects and applications through to final product specification including current building standards and codes of practice, special shaped bricks, bond patterns, movement joints and brickwork detailing.

Key Features

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptionally high standards in our systems and solutions. With excellence and resilience as cornerstones of our business, we create long lasting value for our customers, our employees and our community. Our whole building envelope products and solutions mean buildings and renovations perform and are built to last. We create and deliver services that help customers optimise the quality and longevity of their designs, builds and processes.

  • Sustainability

    Unlike other materials that fade in and out of fashion, clay brick provides the longevity, durability and adaptability that sets it apart.

  • Quality

    With strong raw material supplies and longstanding production infrastructure in place, we are committed to continuous investment programmes and are well-equipped to satisfy national clay brick requirements for generations to come.

  • Regulations & compliance

    From structural robustness to fire safety and energy efficiency, clay brick complies with every regulatory standard.

  • Design considerations

    The continuous development of production technologies ensures every clay brick has consistent colour, dimensional accuracy and high product quality. This results in undeniable visual interest from generation to generation.